What's New at Next Step Fort Saskatchewan

What's coming up!

We have some great PE activities starting in early October. If you are interested, please contact Alena or Danielle for information on the fun filled activities.

Blended Program

We have an agreement in place to share students and blend programs with Fort Saskatchewan High School. If you are interested in attending Next Step be aware that we can also offer you the opportunity to take hands-on courses at Fort High, while taking academic courses with us. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about our schooling options.

Registering at Next Step

We welcome registrations from all students interested in taking high school courses. If you are currently attending another school you should talk to your school counselor about getting a referral. If you are interested in becoming a full-time student you can either drop-in and/or phone ahead to book an appointment. The intake process for full-time students takes approximately 45 mins. Students who are interested in taking part-time courses to upgrade their marks should phone ahead to book an appointment to register. You can drop-in to register but, be aware, registrations are subject to the availability of teachers who may be busy.


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