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Before spring break, the families of Home Education (CEA and HOM) were provided with the opportunity to take home any of the ‘older’ Home Education materials for their child’s programming. Thank you to those parents that came to pick up materials. With the materials that were left, arrangements were made to give the books to a school in Africa through the Tanbur African Aid Society (TAAS). The timing of this ‘house’ cleaning was in the nick of time as the container is now 95% full.  

The donated items will be shipped to Tanzania on April 22, 2017 to support the Burundi English School  (BES) which educates students from K-12. In addition to books the society ships bicycles, sports equipment, a full set of school furnishings, and much more. They can only afford to send one seacan every two years. We consider ourselves very fortunate that these materials will be of value to BES. TAAS started in 2008 wanting to educate children in K-1 not knowing how successful they would be. Now they have students completing grade 9 and is fully equipped to support them through to grade 12. Their objective is to help children in developing worlds to improve lives through education. This organization is always looking for qualified volunteers check out their website for more information.


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