What's New at Home Based Learning

What’s New in Brain Based Learning?

(Actually it’s really “old”!)

Gretchen Wegner, M. Ed teaches students a simple method of how to study effectively for tests. 

So what IS the most effective study technique? 

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Practicing recall and self-testing!

Gretchen outlines what she refers to as the Study Cycle:

  1. IN-encode - how to take what is outside our body and put it in our body i.e. Encode. She says lots of students study by reading it over and over. They leave out two steps of the study cycle. 
  2. OUT - retrieve and assess.
  3. Encode in a NEW way.

Retrieve and assess by testing yourself. You then know what you have learned and what you haven’t learned yet! Gretchen says re-reading a textbook is not retrieving as you are not looking at the textbook when testing yourself or when writing your actual test. Assess when you are using Practice and Recall to see that the answers are accurate. If accurate then leave the study cycle for now. If some answers are not accurate, go back to the basket of knowledge and skills (which is everything you need to know for the teacher’s test) and 1. Encode it in a NEW way and continue the cycle.

Information above is from the webinar ‘Teaching Students How to Study Effectively for Tests: A simple Method that Really Works’ presented by Gretchen Wegner, M. Ed., and Founder of the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™. 


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