District Notice

School fee information for the 2017-18 school year is expected to be posted on the PowerSchool Parent Portal shortly and you will receive notification from your school. For more information visit www.eips.ca/schools/fees.


NEXT STEP offers a wide variety of programming and course selections to assist students in meeting their educational needs. Whether you want to become a full or part-time student in one of our junior or senior high programs, are interested in home education or are an adult learner, we provide alternative choices for academic success.

Registration 2016-2017

Registration is available to all students. Find registration information about your preferred location under the individual campus tabs above.

Please note: Elk Island Public School students wishing to co-register with their current school and Next Step should meet with administration at their current school to request a referral. We welcome all other students to inquire about how our learning environment could meet your needs.

Did You Know?

At Next Step our goals are to:

  • DIFFERENTIATE our teaching and learning experiences to ENGAGE our students in their learning
  • CONNECT our students to school and community by building TRUST and RELATIONSHIPS
  • TEACH students to read for understanding for improved LITERACY

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